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Baseball's Narrowest Door:
How to Become a Professional Umpire



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    "At long last, most of the information needed
    for a run at the major leagues has been compiled."

    Joe Brinkman
    Former Major League Umpire and Crew Chief


    So you have decided that umpiring is your ticket to Major League Baseball...but how exactly does one become a Big League umpire? How difficult is it? How long does it take? For many years the answers to these and other
    related questions have been scattered far and wide. Not any more!

    “Baseball’s Narrowest Door”
    The only complete book on how to become a professional umpire.

    Now, in a single source, you can find out exactly what you must do to become a professional umpire, including:

    • How to make an accurate assessment of your umpiring aspirations.

    • How to do the umpire school thing right, giving you the best chance at the success you have envisioned.

    • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about umpire school, such as how to pick a school, how your age will affect your chances, what to do if you are a non-US citizen or woman, etc.

    • What the misconceptions are regarding umpires, umpire school, and the job of professional umpiring.

    • How to evaluate your chances of qualifying out of the umpire school and the PBUC Evaluation Course, making it through the minor league system, and being selected out of Triple-A to work MLB games.

    • What to expect as a minor league umpire and some of the things you can look forward to if you make the Big Leagues.

    “Baseball’s Narrowest Door is an extremely accurate and up-to-date depiction of the process of professional umpiring from start to finish. This book should be required reading for anyone who is considering attending umpire school.”

         —MLB Umpire Jeff Nelson

    This book is not only for umpires! Fans and students of the game of baseball will find Baseball’s Narrowest Door to be an interesting look at this unique and important vocation.

    “I predict that this book will have a much wider audience than just aspiring umpires. As usual, Roder exceeds all expectations when he sits down to do a book.”

         —MLB Umpire Ted Barrett

    As an added bonus, Baseball’s Narrowest Door contains many interesting umpire facts, giving a sense of the traditions and accomplishments associated with Major League umpires: the first MLB umpires from various ethnic groups…longest games worked…most post-season games worked…Hall of Fame umpires…women who are/were professional umpires…former professional umpires who made good elsewhere (such as Brent Musburger)…great umpire quotes…MLB umpires who are father/son or brothers…etc…etc.

    Make no mistake: If you aspire to become a Major League umpire, the odds are stacked against you. But as MLB Umpire Field Culbreth said during his minor league years,

    “Somebody’s got to get the job, so why not me?”

    Need a unique gift, a fresh look at the game? Something to supplement the same old baseball literature you seem to find every year? Baseball’s Narrowest Door is your answer!

    “Roder continues to prove he is the author par excellence when it comes to umpiring literature.”

    —MLB Umpire Jeff Nelson

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