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    "Rick Roder has done it again."
    --Fieldin Culbreth, Major League Umpire (#70)

    What do the experts have to say about Rick Roder's latest baseball rules book, The Jaksa/Roder Baseball Rules Course?

    "I don't know if Rick Roder ever takes a day off from improving umpires. From the looks of his latest book, I doubt it. Here's a full course of rules instruction, and at the highest level possible, nonetheless. Hell, if he'd have written this book back in 1987, I could have attended umpire school from home! Folks, Rick Roder has done it again. If you aspire to great umpiring, you had better know what he is up to at www.rulesofbaseball.com."

    --Fieldin Culbreth, MLB Umpire #70

    After closing my umpire school, I've had to recommend another school for prospective students. Now, with the release of the Jaksa/Roder Baseball Rules Course, the Joe Brinkman Umpire School lives on. We worked very hard for all those years, and we considered what the future might be like. So it is not surprising that some aspects of the school live on. And as long as baseball's rules remain in the state they are in now in this country, the Jaksa/Roder Baseball Rules Course will be alone in its field. Use the system Chris and Rick have built and you're not going to believe the difference it makes in your umpiring.

    --Joe Brinkman, MLB Umpire #15

    "What a great opportunity the Baseball Rules Course is for umpires! Aspiring professional umpires used to have to pay a couple thousand dollars for the opportunity to learn baseball's rules from the best. Now you can receive the same instruction for money you'd earn in one assignment-or less! If you plan to attend an umpire's school, get this book. You'll be way ahead of those who didn't take advantage. No matter what your experience or goals, if you are going to put on the uniform and go out on the field, you owe it to yourself to take the Jaksa/Roder Baseball Rules Course."

    --Eric Cooper, MLB Umpire #56

    "I've found that many amateur umpires resist 'getting into the book.' I can't emphasize enough that rules knowledge is half the battle out there on the field. I'm talking about confidence, self-confidence that shows. Without a firm grasp of the rules you can't have that. Part of the reason that professional umpires exhibit such a command of the game is that they have had professional training in baseball's rules. With this Rules Course, you now have the same opportunity. If you can go through this course and get things right, you are going to feel the difference on the field. I've seen from internet discussion boards that many umpires just have the wrong line of thinking on baseball's rules; take Rick's course and you'll be on the cutting edge of rules knowledge in the sport today."

    --Jeff Nelson, MLB Umpire #45

    "Let's face it, some umpires have to work harder on rules than others. And those umpires are usually the ones who resist studying rulebooks and manuals. Roder's Rules Course takes away all excuses. It is simple: you take the tests until you quit getting answers wrong! Then you can consider yourself as a knowledgeable umpire. If you can answer to Rick Roder, you are going to be able to answer to the plays and coaches you encounter out on the field of battle. Get this book and profit from it, you won't regret it!

    --Ted Barrett, MLB Umpire #65

    "I think a big reason umpires don't like to study baseball rules is, where would you start? It is a mess out there! No matter where you are in your rules study, I'll bet you have found yourself confused. Drop it all and make a new beginning with the Jaksa/Roder Baseball Rules Course. You will see the benefits in your very first game. It's like opening a window you never looked through before."

    --Mark Wegner, MLB Umpire #47

    What about someone just starting to learn the rules of baseball?

    "I am just amazed at the clarity of presentation and overall readability of your work. I usually go right to sleep when I pick up a copy of the Official Regulations and Playing Rules (for Little League). In order to become familiar with them I have resorted to keeping a copy in my car-for when I have to pick up my kids-and a copy in the bathroom. In both situations there are, shall we say, minimal distractions. The Jaksa/Roder manual is such a fantastic improvement that I am almost speechless. This is how rules should be taught! Wow!"

    --Joe Gottsch, volunteer Little League umpire, Salem, Oregon

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