Sample taken from Chapter 4 - Vague Rules

Problem 59 Batting out of order situation; the “proper” batter cannot come to bat because he is on base, so his slot is skipped. Is this “skip” permanent, or must the player who is a runner come up to bat in the proper order if his status changes?

    Question or Problem: The Official Rules are not specific regarding what happens if a proper batter is “skipped” because he is on base and his status subsequently changes. Consider this example: (Lineup goes by first letter of name, “A, B, C, D…”) Cooper leads off the game with a triple. Adams and Bacon strike out. Darwin comes to bat, but before a pitch is thrown to him, Cooper is picked off to end the top of the first inning. Who is supposed to lead off the top of the second, Cooper or Darwin?

    Relevant/Related Official Rule(s): 6.07 Approved Ruling

    PBUC and MLB: nothing.

    Placement/Treatment in Jaksa/Roder: Chapter 9, Section I:

    A batter who fails to bat in sequence is an improper batter. Exception: If a batting slot comes due and the player in that slot is on base, his slot is skipped. The following batter, even though he is batting out of sequence, automatically becomes proper. The new proper batter’s status cannot change during that at bat, e.g., the “skipped” player is put out, scores, or the half-inning ends.

    Comments/Further Information: Jaksa/Roder has chosen the simplest solution: once a player’s slot is skipped, the skip is permanent and does not change if the skipped player’s status changes.

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