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The Rules of Professional Baseball:
A Comprehensive Reorganization and Clarification


The Jaksa/Roder Manual
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Baseball’s Narrowest Door 

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More Than 100 Problems With the Official Baseball Rules
More Than 100 Problems With the Official Baseball Rules

The Jaksa/Roder Baseball Rules Course 
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Known to Many Amateur Umpires as the “Jaksa/Roder” Manual

  • The World’s Only Complete Rewrite of Baseball’s Official Rules!
  • The World’s Only Baseball Rules Textbook!
  • Over 20 years of diligent work on baseball’s rules by authors with experience in professional baseball umpiring, professional umpire education and evaluation, and published commercial writing.
  • An essential guide for understanding and mastering the complex rules of baseball.
  • Current 2008 MLB and PBUC interpretations.
  • Includes NCAA, NAIA, and NFHS rule differences.

  • More Than 100 Problems With the Official Baseball Rules by Rick Roder is a vital supplement to the Jaksa/Roder manual and details the roughly 100 rule problems you may have to deal with that are not covered in the Official Rules.
    Discount for ordering with the Jaksa/Roder manual.

    Endorsed by Many Major League Umpires!

    Joe Brinkman (former MLB Umpire and Crew Chief #15) says that the authors’ “understanding of the relationship between baseball’s rules and on-field umpiring is unparalleled.”

    Many of the younger umpires in Major League Baseball learned baseball’s rules from this innovative manual. Listen to what some of the best young umpires in the world have said about our manual:

    Field Culbreth (MLB #25) calls the Jaksa/Roder manual, “the last rulebook you will ever need.”

    Jeff Nelson (MLB #45), an umpire renowned for his rules knowledge, tells about how he studied from the manual and then chose to teach from it.

    Marty Foster (MLB #60) was flustered after reading the Official Rules, but read The Rules of Professional Baseball and gained “newfound confidence” that he credited with helping him make the Major Leagues.

    Mark Wegner (MLB #47) uses the Jaksa/Roder manual to “brush up” on the rules before every season.

    Eric Cooper (MLB #56) finds that The Rules of Professional Baseball is the only place he can go to quickly find a rule and its interpretation.

    Be sure to read the full endorsements written by these and other experts.

    What do I do next?

    There is plenty to do on this website to help you familiarize yourself with our manual and how it might help you. We suggest you work yourself through the following checklist.

     X  Read the Preface of the Jaksa/Roder manual, which includes the history of this unique book and background information on the authors. You’ll discover that this manual allows you to access baseball rules instruction once available only in the professional umpire schools!


    So, you think you know your rules? Take a fun and informative quiz that may hold some surprises for you. We think this quiz will help you realize that the Jaksa/Roder manual opens new frontiers in the understanding of “America’s Pastime.”

     X  Download free sample pages of the Jaksa/Roder manual to see for yourself how this manual can help you master even the toughest rules!

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    Want to know what it takes
    to make the Big Leagues as an umpire?

    Now, for the first time in baseball history, there's a book dedicated to informing you how to become a professional umpire and make a run at the Major Leagues! Even if you just want to know more about baseball and umpiring, you won't be able to put this book down!

    Baseball’s Narrowest Door:
    How to Become a Professional Umpire

    By Rick Roder

    Branch B. Rickey, grandson of Branch Rickey and president of the Pacific Coast League, said, “For anyone with interests in the field of baseball officiating, this book is contagious.”

    Jeff Nelson, MLB umpire, added, “It reads like one of those laid-back ‘rap sessions’ we had at Brinkman’s umpire school, which is where you really learned about the job.”

    Joe Brinkman, MLB umpire and crew chief, had this to say, “Roder’s book is a vital contribution toward clearing up misconceptions about professional umpiring.”

    Ted Barrett, MLB umpire, stated, “As usual, Roder exceeds all expectations when he sits down to do a book…it’s a unique and interesting look at the profession you won’t find anywhere else.”

    As an added bonus, the book contains many interesting MLB umpire records, quotes, accomplishments, and facts, giving you an idea of the accumulated legacies of this great profession!

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