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    Welcome to the Jaksa/Roder Baseball Rules Course.

    Writing the Jaksa/Roder Baseball Rules Course has been a trip down memory lane for me. Some of the greatest days of my life were spent instructing at Joe Brinkman's umpire school from 1988 thru 1996. I took over the classroom instruction in 1990 and we had some memorable times in Peter Ueberroth Hall. We made learning fun. We learned together. My 1,000-some students made innumerable contributions to the development of the Jaksa/Roder manual. Major League umpires and supervisors visiting the school chimed in with unique plays and intriguing insights. The extremely talented staff hashed over problem rules for hours at night. All of that has snowballed for me into fifteen years of baseball rules development and study. You stand to benefit from all of that with the Jaksa/Roder Baseball Rules Course. It contains some of the most important work ever done on the fascinating rules of this great game.

    This is a full course on the rules of baseball, consistent and equivalent with the courses of instruction at baseball's highest levels-the professional baseball umpire schools. With the Jaksa/Roder Baseball Rules Course you will discover these added benefits:

    • You'll work from an actual classroom textbook, The Rules of Professional Baseball by Jaksa and Roder (purchased separately), the only baseball rules textbook in the world, specifically designed to help umpires learn and retain the rules. The textbook provides clear words and concepts, allowing the Rules Course to contain fair, accurate, and understandable questions.
    • The tests consist mostly of questions used in mid-term and final exams at the Joe Brinkman and Brinkman/Froemming Umpire Schools; the questions are carefully worded, unambiguous, and easily understood.
    • Learn at your own pace.
    • You begin with exam questions that are consistent with your level of experience.
    • You'll receive training and questions on the rule differences found in high school and college levels of play (you won't get that at the professional umpire schools).
    • Repeated exposure to plays and situations will ensure that you render a correct ruling on the field.
    • Access to author Rick Roder, one of the foremost authorities on baseball's rules, and a Triple-A umpire evaluator.
    • The course becomes yours, available year after year to improve and refresh your earned skills.

    When you have completed this course of study, you will be a different umpire on the field, charged with the confidence that comes with a thorough grounding in the rules.

    Let's get started!

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