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    This quiz is designed to give you an idea of:

    • Some of the things about the rules of baseball that you might be surprised you did not know.
    • Some of the problems with the Official Baseball Rules.
    • How Jaksa and Roder have remedied the many problems with baseball's rules.
    • How this manual can start you along the path of becoming a complete and solid "rules" umpire.

    Don't worry if you get some (or even many) of these questions wrong; even people at the highest levels of Major League Baseball would have difficulty with several of the questions.

    To answer the questions, simply click on the multiple choice answer that you think is the most correct ruling for the play.

    This is an interactive quiz using JavaScript. If your browser does not support JavaScript (or it is turned off), write your answers on a piece of paper and click on "Review Solutions" at the end of the quiz. You can then read the correct answers and explanations, and grade yourself.

    When you are finished with the quiz, exit the quiz window to return to the website. Click here to return to the checklist when finished with the quiz.

    Click here to begin the quiz. Good luck!


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