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    A Full Umpire-School-Level Course in Baseball's Rules

    Wouldn't you like to walk out on the baseball field with the confidence that can only come from a professional-level umpire school course in the rules of baseball? This book affords you that opportunity. It contains the background information, explanations, play questions and answers, and on-field tips that will once and for all make you a complete umpire. You will find yourself returning again and again to this fun and informative baseball rules course.

    You can attend umpire school for a couple thousand dollars, or you can take this rules course and gain the following benefits:

    • You'll work from an actual classroom textbook, The Rules of Professional Baseball by Jaksa and Roder (purchased separately), the only baseball rules textbook in the world, specifically designed to help umpires learn and retain the rules.

    • Learn at your own pace.

    • You begin with exam questions that are consistent with your level of experience.

    • Training and questions on the rule differences found in high school and college levels of play (you won't get that at the professional umpire schools).

    • Repeated exposure to plays and situations that ensures a correct ruling on the field.

    • Access to author Rick Roder, one of the foremost authorities on baseball's rules.

    • The course becomes yours, available year after year to improve and refresh your earned skills.

    • You will be a different umpire on the field, charged with the confidence that comes from a thorough grounding in the rules.

    "To pass by this opportunity is unthinkable. There is no greater value in baseball officiating literature today."
         --Joe Brinkman, Major League Umpire and Crew Chief, former owner of the Joe Brinkman Umpire School

    "By virtue of the expertise and innovation of its author, this book is one-of-a-kind, an absolute must for every umpire."
         --Jeff Nelson, Major League Umpire and baseball rules expert

    The Jaksa/Roder Baseball Rules Course consists of 12 lessons covering the entire Rules of Professional Baseball, Rule Differences Edition. There are over 1300 questions covering three levels: beginner, intermediate, and expert, as well as NCAA and National Federation of High Schools rule differences. The Baseball Rules Course is available only as an electronic book Due to the size of the book, a printed edition will not be offered. The price of the electronic book is $29.98. That's a little over 2 cents per question! A tremendous value when you consider the very few options available for learning baseball's rules.

    This rules course may be the one thing between you and the umpiring success you aspire to. The 2003 season is fast approaching. What are you waiting for?

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